Live prep nation

Live Prep Nation is a Multimedia company that will bring your vision to life.


Sometimes you have to let your creative live...

Daz Goodman-Owner

Live Prep Nation is here to be your one stop shop for all things media. Our media company offers a wide variety of media needs from videography, photography, graphics, and media consulting.  We work professionally, quickly and efficiently – always at the highest level, delivering high production value for your production. Our team of talented and highly experienced professionals know how to achieve the very best results on time and within your budget, every time.

Live Prep Nation was founded by Daz Goodman former basketball standout at University of North Alabama in January 2013. A creative that wanted to find a way to use his communications degree to help other future professionals and student-athletes brand themselves in a professional and productive manner. We specialize in high-gloss film, sports videography/photography, commercials and corporate films. As a media company based in Birmingham, Alabama we operate all around the world and can offer a worldwide network of professional partners..